Forest Schools

‘A Forest School is an innovative educational
approach to outdoor play and learning.’

At Enchanted Wood much of our focus is on outside learning to encourage all areas of child development. The outdoors is the perfect place to promote a child’s free play.  Nature provides a variety of sounds, colours, textures, and places for children to discover.  There are opportunities for children to learn problem solving skills, motor-function, social-skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The Forest School initiative originated in Scandinavia in the 1950s. The aim was to encourage children to learn social, physical and educational skills while encouraging an appreciation and understanding of the environment. Forest School now has prominence in the UK with Enchanted Wood Preschool being Bexley’s first.

Forest School provides an excellent opportunity to bring learning to life allowing children, young people and adults to explore and learn in a constructive way. This inspirational process increases self-confidence, self-esteem, improves individuals’ ability to work co-operatively and counters a lack of motivation and negative attitude towards learning, while offering the opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning for themselves.

Enchanted Wood Preschool has a secure area of woodland at each site which acts as an outdoor classroom where children can explore, investigate and discover the natural environment. Sessions are organised and run by Qualified Forest School teachers who will have planned a range of potential activities which might include following a story theme such as ‘We’re all going on a Bear Hunt’ using the natural environment as story aids. It’s is then the children who determine the range and scope of the activities.

Children use the woodland to support their learning and are encouraged to explore the outdoor environment and appreciate nature. They use tools and learn boundaries of behaviour both physical and social. It has been found that the combination of freedom and responsibility is particularly beneficial to those with little confidence or challenging behaviour. Forest Schools allow participants to grow and discover their abilities without fear of criticism or failure.

Forest School sessions run throughout the year giving children opportunities to experience different weathers, seasons and changes in their environment. All children who attend on forest school days need to provide an all-in-one weather suit and pair of wellies.

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Forest School Sessions

Children will attend forest school sessions weekly, in all weathers, so will need to be provided with suitable clothing to ensure they are warm and dry.

In Winter children should wear:

• Thermals
• Base layers
• Fleece top and tracksuit bottoms
• An all in one 100% waterproof suit
• Thick ski socks
• Welly Boots
• Gloves, scarf and hat

In Summer children should wear:

• T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms
• Light fleece
• An all in one 100% waterproof suit
• Socks
• Welly Boots
• Sun hat
• Sun cream

To buy all in one waterproof suits please see links below:
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